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Friday, June 19, 2009

Laurent G's Male

So much can be said about the photography of Laurent G. It stands out for providing a perspective of male beauty that seems all too rare, while on the other hand a no brainer.

That is to say that the beauty of many young South Asian men is so apparent and easily seen on the streets and other outdoor places of the countries concerned. Yet prudishness in every society, particularly their own, keeps this treasure if not hidden, then unacknowledged.

A casual observer walking the streets or through the villages of Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh and other South Asian countries will often be drawn by the attractive image of a young man or worker performing some manual or service oriented task, bathing at a river or just passing by.

I am sure this would have been as much the case 100 years ago as it is today.

But where are the photo collections in books or online to display such images when the traveller, visitor or local residents themselves are emboldened enough to snap a photo? Laurent G., thankfully, is one to fill in this gap for us and he does so with both photographic and artistic expertise.

An unselfconscious display of youth and masculinity.

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  1. Let me be the first to congratulate you on your new blog, B.D. I like the idea; more men from South Asia is always a good idea.

    I like the sideburns and full lips on the first guy; his eyes look like they're probably beautiful, too.

    The langots on the sportsmen are always sexy. What is is about them? The tight fit? The way they draw your attention to the crotch? It would be nice to see a view from the back. Maybe they make the butt look just as hot!

  2. Thanks, Tom. Your comments are so welcome. These guys look all so great, and the photographer, Laurent, is quite incredible too. I'm sure you'll enjoy more of the wrestlers' pics when I get them up.'

  3. Bloody homo bastard

  4. Great work dude. I'd love to watch them fighting!!

  5. Please note the above profane comment (22 Aug) is not welcome here. It will not be deleted but I ask further commentators to remain respectful of all who visit this site.

  6. Nice blog BD... reminds me of the many lovely holidays I have had in Sri Lanka.
    Keep the pix comin.

  7. i wanked a lot looking at this pics

  8. have been following Laurent's amazing photography for quite some time now on Flickr(designldg). There is a new image in his "Red Halo" set called "introducing Abhijeet".


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